Saturday, March 12, 2011


No links, because if you haven't heard of the tsunami in Japan, you're living under a rock.

I've never lived through a tsunami, but I've lived through hurricanes and I know the damage and devastation that a natural disaster can bring. If you're not ready for it (and who can ever be truly ready for something like this) it's a life-changing event.

The dead are beyond help, but the injured, the property damage, the loss of property affect people who are still living. Sometimes the most immediate needs of water, food, shelter are not available and won't be available for several days. No one can go through something like that and be unchanged. Even if you're physically okay, the ache in your soul is something that you've got to experience to understand.

Pray for the people of Japan.


Old NFO said...

I have been, and will continue to...

Anonymous said...

Told one of the ladies at school from south Louisiana that the news said that the tsunami might wipe out Morgan City and could reach as far North as Thibodaux. She though the would really be bad. Then told her that even though she was this far North it would be a good idea to dig out her white shrimper boots. Thats when she knew I was pulling her chain....

Anonymous said...

Not under a rock, under a rotten log. I was away from radios, teevees, and the intarwebs for a few days.

Good Lord, the crap that goes on when I turn my back for a little while.

Gotta find a decent charity to donate to, or I'll feel like an insect.


Got a suggestion?

Gerry N.