Friday, March 18, 2011

Main Office

I had to go to the main office at the Sheriff's Department last night to check a criminal history. I don't often go downtown, preferring to keep my ancient butt out of there. It's been better than a year since I've actually stood in the main office and when I went into the dispatcher's room I saw all manner of computer screens, large HD monitors and interactive maps.

While one of those young bucks was checking his computer for my criminal history, I happened to look at one HD screen and saw a map of our parish, with all the patrol units moving along roads. I mentioned that it looked like the Starship Enterprise in there and one of the dispatchers got cocky.

"Yeah, police work has changed since you started in the 1930s." He handed me a piece of paper with my history on it.

"No," I replied. "Police work hasn't changed, just the technology we use. - - And for the record, I started policing in 1980."

"1980", says he. "That was before I was born."

"One thing has changed" I headed out the door. "We used to be allowed to slap surly dispatchers completely out of their chairs. I think that the Sheriff should re-institute that policy for people with over 30 years of service."


El Capitan said...

Monday morning you'll probably have to go attend sensitivity training...

Rivrdog said...

We didn't get slapped out of our seats when I dispatched in the mid-70's, I just had to use up my lunch hour fetching lunch for the seniors.

Termite said...


You made my morning, Dennis.

J said...

>You made my morning, Dennis.

Yep, he's even better while drinkin' whiskey.

Flintlock Tom said...

That's why they invented the term "Whipper-Snapper!"