Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Got home from church this morning and cranked up the grill. Cooked enough hamburgers and hot dogs to feed seven kids and five adults. PawPaw got into the beer locker and had a Sam Adams Noble Pilsner while I was cooking. Then I washed down a burger with a Heineken.

Fielded a half-dozen questions about the pool. The answer hasn't changed. The pool will open on the last Sunday in April, when we celebrate Quinton's birthday. For those who can't read a calendar, that's April 24th of this year. I'm not sure what the menu might be that day, because the Birthday Boy gets to pick his menu.

Burgers and beer is a good Sunday lunch.


Anonymous said...

Patty says: YEAH - Pool opens MARCH 24th. I already have my suntan lotion. (My computer doesn't compute April - it automatically changes it is March.) Don't you just love your younger sister?

Old NFO said...

That it is! Enjoy the pool (in a month or so...)

Paul said...

Cleaned the pool and went for the first dip yesterday! Celebrated with a Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA -- but I agree the Noble Pils is fine stuff.