Friday, March 18, 2011

The Beer Locker

We've got a pool house on the far end of the backyard, and inside that I've got a fridge where I store beverages. There is one shelf for kids drinks and the rest of the locker is designated for beer. The bottom shelves are for such things as canned beer that I cook with, and that my redneck buddies like to drink. The middle shelf is kids drinks and the top shelf is good, bottled beer. I try to keep an ecletic sampling there for when buddies drop by.

My son was in town the other day and I realized that I needed to restock the beer locker, what with Spring upon us. He and I went down to the beer store and sampled what they have.

For the record, I can put over 42 bottles of beer on that top shelf before we run out of space. Just in case the Quartermaster needs to know that bit of information.

A year or so ago, I told Old NFO that he had raiding rights on the beer locker. Any other blog buddy should consider himself so endowed. If you're ever in Central Louisiana, give me a call.


J said...

Is that Abita Amber on the top right? That's some gooood stuff!

Anonymous said...

Patty says: "Oh Snap!! Does this mean the pool is closer to being open?"

Termite said...

J said...

Is that Abita Amber on the top right? That's some gooood stuff!

I believe it's Shiner Bock.

Bob@thenest said...

So I'm wondering what brands are relegated to the bottom shelf. :-)

And I second a favor of Abita Amber. When I get to LA from my FL confines I always manage to partake!