Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I cranked the lawnmower for the first time this season. I don't have any grass yet in the yard, just the early-sprouting weeds; dandelions, thistle, that sort of thing. Still, I was tired of looking at it, so I cranked the mower and chopped it down. Then I sprayed about two gallons of Roundup around the pool deck and pavers. That ought to knock them back for a little while.

The lawunower started first pull of the rope, a testimony to my Dad's method of winterizing a lawnmower. Run all the gas out of it, check the oil, and put it under cover. I put fresh gasoline it it, hit the primer button and it cranked on the first pull. That's also a testimony to Briggs and Stratton engines.

So, the back yard is cut around the pool. I haven't tried to start the riding mower yet, but I'm hoping that my winterizing strategy worked as well.

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