Sunday, March 06, 2011

Chili Sunday

It's cool outside today, so I'm thinking about a bowl of chili. After church, I don't know how many grandkids I'll be feeding, so it behooves me to have something that is easy, quick, and filling. Plus, this might be the last cool day we'll have for awhile and I might not cook chili again until autumn.

Milady's chili recipe is simplicity itself, like most her recipes. All you need is:

A couple of pounds of ground meat. Hamburger works well, as does venison.
A big can (a quart) of tomato juice
Some chopped bell peppers
Some chopped onions.
Chili Powder.

Today, I'm making a big pot, so we'll start with a pound of venison and a pound or more of ground beef. Add beans if you like. I normally open a couple of cans of red kidney beans, or chili beans, or Ranch-style beans and add to the pot.

Brown your ground meat, then add the onions and bell peppers to sautee in that good animal fat. Drain the fat. Add your tomato juice, add your chili powder to suit your tastes. If you're adding beans, now's the time. Let everything simmer for an hour, you might want to add some salt, you might not. This recipe gives us a bowl of the classic red American chili. Serve with crackers.

Or, if you want something just a little more involved, there's always The Cap'ns Chili Verde. It's a green chili and he starts with a pork roast. It's might fine and easily done on a campfire. I guess you could cook it on a stove as well.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds good! It's cool enough up here I'm doing basically the same recipe today! :-)