Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wimmen, and how to use them

Christina asks: "Yes, but if the woman says never bed a man with less to lose, then what?"

Aaah, darlin. That is the question writ large on the history of man.

The answer is fairly simple. Therein lies the basis for monogamy, for civilization, for marriage, and surprisingly, for dating.

There is little doubt that adultery is the most corrosive additive that can attack a relationship, because the adulterer has so much to lose.

There was a long time when I was married, and loved the lady to whom I was married. Then I found out she wasn't being faithful. Then we separated, then divorced. Suddenly, I had nothing to lose, and became, frankly, a bit of a whore. Only then did I find out that I had lost my self-respect.

Then, I met a woman. A woman without a relationship. We became friends and shared our lives, and ourselves. After a suitable time, our respective beds. That lady is sleeping in our bed as I blog this. We've been together since we met, have married, bought a house, blended our grandchildren, and begun a life based on shared interests, common love, and a deep respect for one another.

The problem comes when one partner is dishonest. Let's take Rob's BC, for example. She had nothing invested in the relationship, so she had nothing to lose. Rob got screwed over; financially and emotionally. The screwing continues because he still has something to lose. We can't guard against dishonest partners except to be very careful about investment in a budding relationship.

So, the secret is to date one woman at a time. There is nothing wrong with dating someone honestly, finding out that you aren't compatible and leaving. That is called courtship and every animal practices it. As you enter into a relationship, you invest time, energy, and emotional capital into it. The less of each, the less you have to lose.

I won't be found with any other woman because I have too much to lose. I would lose my lady, my home, and most importantly, my Mortal Soul.

Time for me to get dressed and go to work. More later.

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Feisty said...

A very thoughtful and insightful answer to the query.

Thank you!

On another note, I grew up in DeRidder and have lived in Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, and Pineville.

Where in Central Louisiana might you be??

Feel free to email me.

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