Sunday, May 01, 2005

Runaway Bride

The Single Southern Guy is all over this one, but I have a few thoughts that might make sense.

It seems this gal out of Duluth agreed to marry this fellow, then right at the last minute, disappears from the area. The family and fiance launch a nationwide search, and she turns up in New Mexico, unharmed, broke, and crying into the telephone. The wedding has been, understandably, postponed.

She got cold feet. Cold feet about a wedding with 14 bridesmaids and 600 guests. I guess so. I wouldn't participate in anything like that either. Rather than being an adult, rather than acting like an adult, she catches the first thing smoking. She lets dad and mom and fiance believe that she has been abducted.

The family says she has issues. I guess so. Emotional issues of the highest order. Dependency issues. Family issues. If I were the prospective husband, I would run, not walk from this disaster of a woman. If she wanted a small wedding, she should have talked it over with her fiance and planned a small wedding. She is an adult, presumably, and could make a decision.

She lied to everyone. She left town with less cash than I take across town. When she ran out of money, she called home. I'd have called in the dogs and left her ass in Albuquerque.

Yeah, I've gotten help from my parents, but I knew I had to tell the unvarnished truth if I wanted to get out of a bind. Lying never helps. If I lied to my old man, he would have left my ass in Albuquerque.

This broad needs to live a real life a while, alone, learning about living in the real world before she starts a life with someone else.

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