Thursday, May 19, 2005


If you don't read Clayton Cramer's Blog, you should. Go look at this post now. A quick excerpt:
"Karl Marx's famous observation that, "Anti-Semitism is socialism for stupid people" is still true. It is equally the case that socialism is anti-Semitism for intellectuals. The same motivation applies: the need to reduce every individual to a member of a class, a race, or a group, with all the real or imagined characteristics of the class, race, or group."

Explains a lot, don't it? Elites aren't happy unless everyone fits into one or more preconcieved groups. Each member of the group is supposed to act a certain way. Us folks down in the South are uneducated racist hicks. The folks from Texas are cowboys. Hillbillies in Arkansas, Crackers in Georgia.

Let me tell all the elitist bastards in the world that I'm not going to fit nicely into your little homogenized groups. I'm an educated white male from Louisiana. I live in a nice suburb. I've been broke and I've been flush, and I've started over from scratch three times. I don't judge a living soul by the color of his skin, but rate everyone by the content of his character. Frankly, I know some elitist types, and all I've seen they are good for is as a bad example for my kids.

Then I read Bill Whittle, who says:
"And why is it that during my four days in the crowded streets of Aspen, Colorado, during this Leftfest, at a time when the town was so blue as to be ultraviolet and visible only to bees, did I see one – one! – black person, and him driving a cab? How long are we going to let these celebrity millionaires, these limousine liberals, these champagne socialists, tell us they are the party of the people, of working people, of the middle class?"

If you dont read the rest of his post, you are missing one of the finest political analysis of the post 9/11 era. Get a cup of coffee, lock the door, turn off the phone and read Sanctuary 1 and Sanctuary 2. It's great stuff.

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