Friday, May 20, 2005


My Lady and I bought a house this winter. We had previously lived in a condo, while we were shacking up and for a time after we got married. There was no room at the condo for a barbeque pit and I missed not being able to cook in the back yard. When we bought the house, one of the first items I purchased for the house was a nice charcoal pit.

Tomorrow, we are cooking for her shift at work (She is an RN.) Because her shift is stabilized at 2:00 PM till 10:00 PM, and because the hospital is open all the damn time, we are doing a lunch, so those unfortunates who are working tomorrow can come by and eat before the shift starts.

The menu is down-home brisket, cooked slow all night. I'll trim it up at daylight, then crank up the fire a bit and put on some chickens, for those who might not want brisket. For those who want to tempt a coronary, about an hour before feeding time, I'm going to put some sausage on that pit.

The meat course is my baliwick. She is responsible for beans and tater salad. Just a few minutes before the meal is served, I'll heat a couple of loaves of garlic bread on the grill. Lots of iced tea as a beverage, and I don't know what she is planning as a dessert.

We'll be done by 2:00, when a nap will be in order.

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Elisson said...

There are few things on Earth that are finer than a slow-cooked brisket. My wife's late daddy, a Fort Worth man, was a master of the art.

Hope you enjoyed it.