Saturday, May 07, 2005

Gun Pr0n

This will probably be my next acquisition.

The Handi-Rifle, from H&R 1871 in the magnificent 7mm-08 caliber.

I have always been enamored of single shot rifles and this one is a fine example of an inexpensive rifle that turns in magnificent performance. You can purchase one of these for about $200.00 US dollars and spend a little time on the work bench making it capable of MOA accuracy.

This version comes without sights, but with an installed scope block. A scope is almost always required to take advantage of the accuracy of the 7mm-08 cartridge. I like that caliber for a number of reasons. It was developed initially by guys who shot the silhouette game. The 7mm bullet normally turns in better ballistic numbers than the .308 parent cartridge. The silhouette boys found out you could launch the marginally smaller bullet at the same velocities as the .308 with diminished recoil AND, the cartridge gave remarkable accuracy. Yet, bullets in the 150 to 175 grain class give it enough power for whitetailed deer and elk at reasonable ranges. An added bonus is that you can make brass from .308 or .243 cases. If you can't find proper 7mm-08 brass to reload, a trip to any range should reveal plenty of cases to form and load.

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