Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday morning

Sunday morning at Pawpaw's house, and we have one of the young'uns over. Mawmaw made biscuits and white gravy, along with some pan sausage. The living room is a wreck; the detrius of a two-year-old imagination strewn across the floor. He'll leave about 1:00 pm and we can straighted up. Pawpaw's house is extremely happy this morning.

The ride yesterday was magnificent. The weather cooperated with temps in the high eighties and gentle breezes. The local Blue Knights chapter rode to the little town of Olla, where we participated in a fund-raiser event for disaster relief in that little town. I'm not sure how much money we raised, as the final tally won't be in for a couple of days yet, but we rode 100 bikes to the town, held an auction and a raffle, ate good barbeque and enjoyed the company of like-minded individuals.

No pictures of the ride, unfortunately. Minor techical problems with the camera.

The young'un wants to go outside. Pawpaw will find a lawn chair.

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