Thursday, May 05, 2005

Free-fire zone

I went over to YHRT, a local liberal blog, and found this. I don't have the tape, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the transcription, but lets assume for a moment it is accurate. What we have is radio traffic between Iraelis about the engagement and death of a young Arab female. As regrettable as that might be, we have to remember that the Arabs are using children as suicide bombers, so asking Irael not to shoot children that act suspiciously in a free-fire zone is being naive.

The blogger asks:
It would be interesting to know whether the guns and bullets used to kill this thirteen year-old girl were made in America. Of course, in the larger sense it doesn't matter, since no matter where the guns and bullets were made we paid for it.

Another interesting question is why this kind of thing makes the Arab world hate us. I guess it's just part of their primitive, benighted culture.

Well, I can answer that with some confidence. The last time I looked, Israel had its own weapons manufactory, and made some really nice stuff. They also make ammo, sometimes marked as IMI, sometimes with other brand names. It is really good stuff and I can't imagine them having to import rifle ammunition.

And why would the Arab street hate America for this? This was an Arab/Irraeli engagement. Americans weren't anywhere around.

Wanna hate America? We've got lots of ways for you to hate us. Just saddle up your Jihadi ass, get to Iraq or Afganistan, find an American (they're everywhere) and come out to do battle. We'll give your Momma another reason to wail and your Daddy will be proud of his martyr.

But basically, if you want to hate someone, hate the people who send children into free-fire zones. Those people are beneath contempt.


oyster said...

The Israeli Commander is facing 3 years in prison.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, you're correct it's likely that the ammunition used in this situation was Israeli-produced.

However, the US has supplied Israel with large numbers of M-16s for several decades. Just search online for Israel and M-16, or speak to anyone who's been in the IDF. It's quite possible the soldiers speaking here were using M-16s.

Also, you may be interested to know that your perspective on Palestinian children is very similar to that of some Palestinians toward Israeli children. Such Palestinians justify killing Israeli children in West Bank and Gaza settlements because children from the settlements have attacked Palestinians. They use almost the exact same terms you did: they'll say it's unfortunate, but that the real people to blame are those who send children into dangerous areas like the settlements, etc.