Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ACLU and the 2nd Amendment

In comments, Anonymous said:
The ACLU is the foremost guardian of our Constitution. No group, right wing or left wing, can chip at the Constitution without a loud uproar from the ACLU. You, sir, could best protect ALL of your Constitutional rights by becoming a member.

I respectfully disagree. The ACLU does not create a loud uproar whenever a legislature, governor, mayor, or our own Congress chips away at the most important of the Bill of Rights.

As a matter of fact, the ACLU's standing on this most important amendment is not in keeping with current scholarship on the amendment, and reflects a failed interpretation that is steadily losing ground across the United States. To which amendment do I refer? Why, the 2nd Amendment.

To see the current ACLU stance on the 2nd Amendment, we can go here.

The ACLU's stance on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not consistent with the current scholarship on the amendment. Their stance is not consistent with their goal of increasing individual liberty, nor is it in keeping with their stated goal of protecting the Bill of Rights. When the ACLU begins to vigorously defend the 2nd Amendment I will re-examine my opposition to this organization.

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