Friday, October 12, 2018

We're All Going To Die!

Well, yes we are, because death is endemic to the human condition.  No one has escaped it yet, in a worldly, physical sense. 

It seems that the left is blaming the devastation of Hurricane Michael on science deniers.  Yeah, really.
Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers | John Abraham
 We know that climate change is making these storms stronger. The storms feed off of warm ocean waters, and those waters are much warmer now because of climate change. I have written about the science in more detail here and here. But basically, Michael strengthened because it passed over really warm waters. Waters that were hotter because of human-caused warming.
Dude!  It's a hurricane.  They called this one Michael to differentiate it from the other dozen that preceded it this year.  Folks in Florida know how to do hurricanes.  If you live in the deep South, your life is punctuated by hurricanes, and those hurricanes mark life events.  I remember Hurricane Audrey, which knocked our roof off in 1957.  I was three years old.  I remember Betsy in 1965, and Camille in 1969.  I could make a list, but you get the idea.  Of course, Katrina, Rita, and Gustav all affected my life, and recently, Harvey screwed-over the Texas coast.

Hurricanes aren't anything new, and the gloom-and-doom crowd needs to read their history.  A hurricane is weather, it's not climate.   While Michael was devastating, it's nothing new.

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