Monday, October 01, 2018

Fear of Flying

We've had the weekend to digest the ongoing drama of the testimony offered by Dr. Blasey Ford last week, and I admit that it was compelling.  What, to me, was compelling is her fear of flying.  Much was reported in the week prior that she didn't want to fly to Washington from her home on the west coast,  because she was afraid of flying.   She also testified that she has two front doors on her home because she doesn't want to feel trapped; she wants a way out.  I suppose (although I am no psychologist), that this is some form of claustrophobia.   Yet, she also testified that she flies for work and vacation.  This is inconsistent.

The other thing that bugs me is her attorneys.  The Senate reportedly offered to come to her to take her testimony in private and to respect her privacy.  During her testimony, I think that she was surprised that they had made the offer.  Her attorneys evidently wanted her to testify in public for the maximum political advantage.  I'm sure that one of the local bar associations will look into this matter.  They certainly did their client no favors, unless they were serving two clients simultaneously and decided to favor one over the other.

I'm hoping that by weeks end, we'll have a better idea of what the FBI finds, but I have no great optimism in that regard.  Hopefully, they will also investigate how Dr. Ford's story went from confidential to mass-media-viral.  There should be a price to be paid for that particular brouhaha, but again, I have no great optimism that regard either.  Dr. Ford was used publicly by her elected representatives for political gain, and that may be the biggest rape of all.

I'm disgusted at the whole lot of them.

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You and me both, Brother. You and me both.