Tuesday, October 09, 2018

More Socialistic Moon-Battery

It looks like New York is going to elect a died-in-the-wool socialist as one of their representatives. 
Lest we forget, barring some last-minute divine intervention, New York Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on her way to an easy election victory next month and a seat in the House of Representatives.
One of the things she wants to do is abolish the Electoral College.  Good luck with that.  Her pie-in-the-sky idea is one we've heard before.  And the chances of it happening is just about zero.

You see, there are ways to amend the Constitution, and the most common way is to have two-thirds of both Houses of Congress approve it, then have three-fourths of the state legislatures approve it.   How does she intend to get thirty-eight (38) states to approve such a lame-brained idea?

Like most Democratic/Socialist ideas, this is a pipe dream of the left.  Simply, it ain't gonna happen.  New York needs a whole new political class.


RJ said...

The Constitutional way to amend the Constitution is no longer the most common way. Activist courts, including the Supreme Court, is the most common way to fold, bend, spindle, and mutilate the Constitution.

Fortunately that should be a little bit harder now.

Nik Faldo said...

New York has always been the most communist state in our history. They were the ones pushing for a King instead of a president. On their side was usually Pennsylvania. Taxachuesetts became liberal later, after once being one of the more conservative states of the original 13.
New York, Illinois and California would be REMOVED from the union if I was King for a day. No deaths, just a dismissal from the USA and our Constitution, since they hate it anyway. Pure and simple solution.