Saturday, October 06, 2018

I Like Melania

I'm a huge fan of our First Lady, Melania Trump.  Elegant, refined, she seems to me to epitomize what a First Lady should be.  Belle is also a fan, comparing her to Jackie Kennedy.  The Trump-haters deplore her, of course, because she is the President's wife.  It turns out that she is in Kenya on a goodwill tour, and had the opportunity to tour a national park.  Sensibly, she decided to wear a hat to keep the sun off her head.  The left predictably went ape-shit.  From CNN:
Melania Trump's latest white hat evokes colonialist comparison
No, you imbeciles.  Hats make sense in many locations, and the location often determines which hat you wear.  The sun in equatorial Africa is murderous.  You want a hat that is lightweight, light colored, and stands off the head.  You want air to be able to circulate between the hat and the head, and you want that hat to be white, to reflect the sun.

I think that the hat is stylish, practical, and more importantly, I think that she is rocking it.  The pith hat makes perfect sense in that location, which is why it's been worn there for a hundred years or more.

But, the media losers gotta lose, and haters gotta hate.


Rivrdog said...

That is a standard Pith Helmet. Very practical, very standard. In Shade 1505 (kakhi), it was part of a Class 5 Tropical uniform for the USAF until 1970 or so.

Joe Mama said...

Pith on them.

Peripatetic Engineer said...

I think she rocks it. I look forward to these being the next fashion item.