Thursday, October 11, 2018

Slow News Thursday

Looking at the websites, it appears that the Democrats are still butt-hurt and the Republicans are hoping for a Kavanaugh bounce.  That's not news.

On my lunch hour, I went to Academy in town to look for some .44 Special ammo.  I have lots of Skeeter's Load, but I wanted some standard mouse-fart ammo.  No luck.  I guess that if I want mouse-fart ammo I'll have to load it myself.  But, all my .44 Special brass is loaded with Skeeter's load.

I did find some soft handgun cases on the rack, for less than $5.00 apiece.  I bought the three hanging there because we can never have enough handgun cases.  I also picked up a box of .38 Special +P ammo because the cartridges in my carry gun are probably 30 years old..  I'm sure that they would go BANG, but it's probably time for fresh carry ammo.

Not much to report today, it's just another slow news day.

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Jonathan H said...

Have you ever had problems with old ammo? I have fired WWII ammo before, as well as other old surplus ammo and have had as many, or fewer, problems than I do with new commercial production.
But I agree that in a carry gun you want to have VERY reliable ammo!