Wednesday, October 10, 2018


So, there's this gun coming, and from the pictures I've seen, it screams for ivory.  Nowadays, we can't get ivory in this country, so we settle for the next best thing.  Some kind of faux ivory made from synthetics.  It's going to be okay.  They look fine, and I won't have to run afoul of the import laws.

So, we're stuck with faux ivory.   I ordered a set from these fine people, and got a reply email today.  Words to the effect of "will be made to order and is estimated to take 1 day to 4 weeks."  They gave me the option to cancel, but this revolver is screaming for nice grips.  So I told them I'd wait.  It's no big hurry, and I like the way these grips look.

One day to four weeks?  In this time of instant gratification and two-day shipping we tend to lose patience when ordering stuff..  Patience is fine, and I'm okay with waiting.  I can remember a time when I'd order something by filling out an order form, putting it in the mail, knowing as sure as shooting that I wouldn't see my package for four weeks or longer.   This four week wait will give me time to start learning the gun before I switch grips.  And, they said "1 day to 4 weeks" so it might be here much earlier.  We'll see.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Those are gonna be awesome!

Old NFO said...

Looking forward to seeing what you get! :-)

Lantry said...

Have the same grips on my Bisley Blackhawk. They are nice!