Saturday, March 12, 2016


We had planned, this weekend, to travel to Silsbee, TX to shoot with the Big Thicket Bushwackers, a CFDA group that my cousin honchos.  Unfortunately, rising flood waters got them too.  There's a creek behind the range and the water rose up to take the range.  Not just muddy and nasty, but so completely that they needed boats to try and save the electronics and other valuables.

Here's my buddy Mudcat, standing in front of the range shack.

It doesn't appear that the water is inside the range shack, yet.  I've lived through backwater floods and I know that the water doesn't stop rising as soon as the rainfall is over.  I'm not sure how the waters work in East Texas, but here in Louisiana, the water might rise for another two or three days.

That shoot is obviously cancelled, so I talked to our club marshal about our home range.  He's concerned that the muddy road going into our home range might be impassable and that perhaps we should let the ground dry for a while before we try to get in there.  That's prudent.

Both Louisiana and East Texas has taken abig hit this weekend.  We'll spend the weekend trying to dry out and get ready to hit it hard on Monday.

The big laugh this morning was that the LDWF has warned people that flooding is imminent in the Saline/Larto lake complex.
“All property owners in flood-prone areas are encouraged to make preparations for this flooding immediately. Water levels are expected to rise quickly over the next several days,” an LDWF news release said.
The water level is rising and is projected to reach a level of 50.0 feet Mean Sea Level next Friday, March 18.
No doubt the water will continue to rise in Saline/Larto for the next several days.  All that water coming out of the creeks, streams, ad bayous has to go somewhere.  Just because the rain has quit doesn't mean that the flooding is over.

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Old NFO said...

People always seems to forget that. Also, rains UPSTREAM from you can also flood you out, without ever seeing heavy rain at your place... Sigh