Saturday, March 19, 2016

Glock Generations

In the early '80s, when Gaston Gock unveiled his new pistol, it set the world on fire.  Whether you like them or abhor them, you have to admit that Glock's design has changed handgun manufacturing.  However, as time goes on, and manufacturing changes are made, we are now in the fourth generation of the plastic pistol.  Commonly called Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, or Gen4, it helps to know what generation of pistol you're packing.

Actually, for Gen1, Gen2, or Gen3, it really doesn't make that much difference. Gen4 came out with interchangeable backstraps to better fit various hand sizes, and if you're shopping for aftermarket parts, they may not fit the Gen4 Glocks.  So, if you're packing a Gen4 and need spare parts, it's good to know that you're packing a Gen4.

I didn't know that this was an issue, because I figured every gunny knew what pistol he or she was carrying.  I currently carry a Gen4, because that's what the Sheriff gave me to carry.  One of the first things I noticed, upon opening the box, was the marking on the side of the slide.

It says Gen4, right on the slide.  Even someone as ignorant of Glock design as I am can identify the generation of this slide. And I am wholly ignorant of Glock design.  While I appreciate the ease of use, the reliability, and the practicality of the design, I've never been curious about the innards.  It's a gun, and it shoots, and that's all I care to know.  It's simply another tool on my belt.

Brownell's Tech Tips offers lots of interesting information on various guns, and when I saw this clip, I had to click on it.

Yep.  It says Gen4 on the slide.  Easy identification.  Oh, if you find a frame without the slide, the Gen4 is the one with the removable backstrap panels.  That's the easy visual reference.

I'm glad I could clear that up for you.

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