Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Never Known Freedom

 It's sad that some people never know freedom, ostensibly living in a free country.

Let me digress for a moment.

You've probably by now heard of the tragedy of Jamie Gilt, a young Texas mother who was accidentally shot by her four-year-old son, who found a loaded handgun in the backseat.  A moment of inattentiveness, a moment of neglect, and a tragedy results.  Thankfully, Jamie will recover, but the story is so horrific that it's gone around the world.  You can read about it here.

We hope and pray, of course, for Jamie's full recovery and for the continuing health of her child.  But, we see that the story has been picked up by the anti-gunners and used for their own perverse propaganda purposes.

One in particular, John Niven, a Brit who has regretably never tasted freedom yet insists on lecturing us about freedom.  Niven lives in a peculiar democracy where self-defense is illegal, where rape is an organized event, and a country where Sharia courts dispense their own barbaric justice, yet he presumes to lecture us on freedom.  To wit:
It seems increasingly obvious that the real infant with a gun here is America itself. Watch it stumbling around like a giant toddler, wreaking untold havoc and then screaming its head off if someone dares to confiscate its beloved toy.
It’s about time someone took the toys away for good.
No, Mr. Niven, it is increasingly obvious to us that your country has more challenges with liberalism than you can appreciate.  You have become so accustomed to your nanny state, where multiculturalsm reigns supremse, where you are not allowed to defend yourself, where children are raped at organized events, that you have forgotten (if you ever knew) what freedom feels like.  More's the shame.  Your country is but a hollow shell of it's former self.  I weep for Britain.

And to all the Americans, listen to Joe Huffman.
Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.
That is all.


Judy said...

I sometimes think most citizens of other countries, Canada and United Kingdom in particular, don't get a couple of fundamental differences between us and them. One being we are sovereign individuals and they are subjects to a sovereign. The other is we won our independence via a bloody violent revolt.

Bryn said...

PawPaw : Please believe me when I say that a great many of us over here envy your freedoms, and hope that enough of you over there are determined enough to keep them. The UK has been comprehensively disarmed so that the establishment can sleep a little easier, be they ever so corrupt and despised - can you think of a single "civilised & free" country whose lawmakers need sending on "honesty education courses" to enable them to present a semi-acceptable façade to the sheeple...?

On the subject of "no self-defense", sad to say the best we can hope for here & now is to win the fight to be able to argue before 12 rather than be carried by 6, using whatever items "just happen" to be on hand to do so.....
"Yes your Honour, I was up late sharpening my garden tools when the intruder broke in, to my great alarm, fear & distress....."

Judy : Far too many sheep in the UK now, and the wolves are running the abattoirs. We lost far too many of our independent types to your side of the pond over the years - leaving us far too heavily burdened with the shallow end of the gene pool....