Thursday, March 10, 2016


The big news in central Louisiana today, as in most of Louisiana is rain.  Heavy, soaking, inundating rain.

The news out of Natchitoches Parish yesterday was grim, with lots of rainfall (over 12 inches), plenty of flooding, water over roads.  My LEO brethren in Natchitoches Parish were up to their eyeballs in life-saving work.  Here in Rapides Parish we got an inch or so in front of the slow-moving frontal system, but this morning at 4:00 a.m., the bottom fell out.  Right now, outside, there is a heavy, thrumming rain with lightning and thunder.  A look at the weather map tells me it's likely to continue like this all day.

According to the weather-weenies, it's going to take this system about 24 hours to pass across us.  Some schools are already closed in our area due to flooding, and more will likely make the decision as the day goes along.

This is the same system that hammered east Texas two days ago, west Louisiana yesterday, and now it's our turn.  With an early snow melt up north, and this big gush of water, it's liable to be a very wet spring.  All that water has to go somewhere on it's journey to the sea, and we're the natural highway for water.  I'll be watching the hydrology on the river system over the next several weeks.  It's liable to get damned interesting.


Anonymous said...

We got right at 14" yesterday in bossier. They say today thru tonite will equal it. Fortunately its receded in front of our house,had about 3' in front but no damage. Lots of folks hurting up here. We will keep you in our prayers and ask for the same.

Old NFO said...

Stay safe...

Jerry The Geek said...

Hmm... this sounds like March in Oregon.

So, what's your point?