Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Louisiana Controverial Bills

As a palate cleanser, let's talk about some bills pending in the Louisiana Legislature that opened on Monday.  Courtesy of our friends at KPEL, they give us a list of bills that they consider controversial.

HB 4 – Allows anyone over 21 to carry a concealed handgun without a permit
This one doesn't look controversial to me at all.  Open carry is already legal in Louisiana, and this would only take us closer to both the state and federal constitution as a matter of law.  I think this will pass easily.  Let freedom Ring.

HB 69 – Requires 10-day waiting period for gun purchases
I consider this one dead-in-the-water.  Strict scrutiny and all that. Probably some damned Democrat from New Orleans pushing this.  It will never get out of committee

HB 94 – would allow the use of monkeys as ‘service animals
Heh!  Okay.  Where does one go to buy a monkey?  Are we talking orangutans or baboons, or ... the mind boggles.  Only in the Louisiana Legislature.... I bet that the committee session will be as much fun as a "barrel of monkeys".

HB 597- Allows religious groups to snub same-sex marriage ceremonies
This one should be a big "DUUH!"  Of course churches can refuse to do marriages that fall outside their religious convictions.  This one will pass easy and early. Churches can refuse to marry hetero couples if the marriage is outside of religious guidelines.  Same sex couples should be treated no differently.

HB 151 – Prohibits ‘sanctuary cities’
Yes, again.  This one should pass early and easy.  We decided most of the legal claims to ignore federal law once in this country.  We called that unpleasantness "The Civil War".  A state or local government ignores federal law at their own peril.

HB 153 – Prohibits felons from qualifying for or holding public office
I have to admit total ignorance on the law here, but I thought that was already the law.  Maybe not.  It would be interesting to hear the arguments from both sides.

And, finally, a bill to Let hunters wear “blaze pink” instead of just “hunter orange
Heh!  Why not?  I've got no problem with blaze pink, as long as it is safe.

There may be bills of more substance that come before the legislature this session, but as always, I say Let Freedom Ring.

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