Saturday, March 19, 2016

New World's Record

The big news in CFDA today is that Honey Badger, a shooter out of Colorado has broken the women's world record.  Her time was 0.357.  Under our rules she has three shots to "back it up", by making an additional shot that falls within 0.03 (three hundredths) of that time to be considered a valid World Record Shot.  This shot must be taken at a sanctioned shoot, and this weekend, they're shooting at the Four Corners Territorial at Pioneer Village in Arizona.

The amazing thing about this shot is that even before today, Honey Badger was the current ladies world record holder with a time of  0.359.  She raised the bar today by 0.002.  Honey Badger is a fine competitor, a joy to be around.  She's an ambassador for the sport, and I'm glad that she's reset the record two years in a row.

Congratulations, Honey Badger!  We hope to see you in Fort Worth next month.

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