Friday, March 04, 2016

Remodel Update - Finally Friday

It's finished. My son installed the last piece of quarter-round on Wednesday at about 5:00 p.m. local. We did a quick sweep-up, hauled off the debris, and brought the dinging table and some smaller pieces back into the house.

 Yesterday afternoon another son helped me bring in Milady's china cabinet. The last thing I did yesterday was to bring in the booze from the boxes in the garage and install them in the alcohol server. Wiped down Milady's china cabinet. Poured myself a stiff one. All the furniture is back in the house and things are getting back to normal.

 Milady's china and crystal-ware are still in boxes in the garage, but she's off today, so she'll work on that. It's a highly fragile, unbelievably breakable jigsaw puzzle and she doesn't want my help on that one. PawPaw doesn't go into the china cabinet.

 We have family from the Missouri clan coming in next week, and Milady is on pins and needles getting ready for the visit. It'll be good to see them, and PawPaw will take lots of pictures. Milady is all a'quiver about seeing her folks.

 PawPaw is picking up crawfish tonight. I understand Miss Susan is coming to share them with us, so I'll pick up a couple of extra pounds.

Tomorrow, of course, is the Saturday Club Shoot. Sunday, we're hosting a birthday party, followed immediately by the Sunday Family Shoot. This weekend is looking up.

Hey!  PawPaw can't entertain you all the time.  Hit the sidebar for better stuff.  I'm busier than a cat in a sand box, and having a wonderful time.  If something interesting comes up, and I notice it, I'll tell you about it.

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