Saturday, March 05, 2016


This past July, Milady bought herself a revolver.  A Traditions Liberty Model.  This thing is engraved, with white PVC grips and it fits her hand.  Fits her hand just fine.  It has become her go-to CFDA revolver.

This particular revolver weighs in at 2 lbs, 7 oz, according to my household scale.

She's got a birthday coming up, and needed a back-up revolver.  I was walking through a gun shop earlier this week and found another Traditions revolver.  We're heading into the spring competition season.  I figured that another revolver of the same make would be better if her Liberty malfunctioned.   So, I picked up this other revolver, for her birthday.

They call this one the Rawhide series.  It's got a parkerized finish and walnut stocks, but it's basically the same revolver that she bought in July..  I gave it to her earlier this week, and when she felt it, she thought that it felt just a tad heavier than her Liberty.  So, I went out and put it on that same household scale.

If I'm reading that scale correctly, the new gun runs about 2 lbs, 6 oz, a full ounce lighter than her Liberty.  That shows that the minuscule differences in a firearm affect the way that we percieve weight.  The Rawhide is lighter than the Liberty, but by only an ounce.

Here's a side-by-side comparison.

The CFDA Journey continues.  I still have to lighten the mainspring on the Rawhide, but otherwise, Milady has two almost identical revolvers.  Both by Traditions. And, I'm reminded that I have now bought her a revolver for two birthdays in a row.

The Traditions company has been selling muzzleloaders for years.  Over the past couple of years, they've started selling centerfire revolvers.  The paperwork in the box says that these revolvers are made by Elli Pietta, an Italian outfit that's been making reproductions or years.  These two revolvers have a frame-mounted firing pin and a transfer bar, so they're not an exact clone of the old Colt Peacemaker.  It's safe to carry six rounds loaded in these firearms. Several companies use Pietta revolvers as the basis for their revolvers.  Traditions, for one, and Cimarron Firearms.  Of course, Pietta is a sponsor of the CFDA.

Another revolver added to the battery, and we're still on the gunfighter trail.  There's a club meeting today where we'll tune up for an invitational match next weekend with the Big Thicket Bushwackers, the club is Silsbee, TX where my cousin shoots.  We hope to take a dozen or so of the Thorn Valley crew.  Then, in late April, it will be time to travel to Fort Worth for a combined five-day shoot.  They're holding the Texas State Championship and the Southern Territorials on that 3rd weekend in April.  We'll be shooting at the Historic Stockyards in Fort Worth, TX.  They're calling it the Showdown in Cowtown and it should be a great shoot.  Milady and I already have reservations, vacation time is approved, and we're looking forward to five days of fun, friends, food, and competition.

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