Monday, March 21, 2016

Fences and Dawgs

I know how this guy feels.  I used to have a beagle named Buck.  He was an escape artist, never a fence that could hold him, or keep him out of a place he wanted to be.

Fellow beagle lovers would tell me that they had a nice pen.  I'd bring Buck over, put him in the pen, the turn to walk back to the truck.  Buck normally beat me back to the truck.  He'd load up and wait for me.

He'd either dig out, or climb out, or something, but he'd always get out.  I finally had to build a kennel with a concrete floor, chain-link fence with a roof.  Even then I had to fine-tune it.  It seems that a four inch gap, six feet in the air was just the break he needed.

This guy needs to do a little fine-tuning as well.

I know the feeling.


Murphy's Law said...

Yeah. Been there, done that! My Belle can escape from a bank vault.

Old NFO said...

If they want out, they WILL get out...

Ed Jones said...

My grandpaw had a bird dog that would always get out of the pen. One day he just left the gate open and the dog would stay in his pen except when he had to poop.