Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Twerks

Mr. President Obama defines leadership as getting a climate change accord in Paris.  Really?  Putin is handing him his butt in the Middle East, he's totally botched almost everything that he's touched, and the inconvenient truth is that the "science" of climate change is crumbling.  This pretender wouldn't know leadership if it ran up and bit him in the butt.

If the President wants to lead on climate change, he should park Air Force One.  His flying around puts hundreds to tons of carbon in the atmosphere.  When he starts acting like it's a problem, I'll take notice.  Until then, he should shut the hell up.

Planned Parenthood won't accept "reimbursement" for fetal tissue any longer.  Which leads to the question; who pays for the cost of collection?  My tax dollars?  Why are my tax dollars funding this bunch of ghouls?

The Democrats are having a debate tonight.  The money-grubbing capitalist is facing off against the Democratic Socialist.  Too bad Uncle Joe won't be there, but he can't decide if he wants to run.

The steady drip, drip, drip of Hillary's email problems continue.  All of them, I might add, totally self-inflicted.  We learn today that all the remote-control gateways on that server were wide open.  It was total friggin' amateur hour on that server.  Why this woman want to br president; thinks she's capable of being president is beyond me.  Then, I look at our current POTUS and believe that being an incompetent, narcissistic amateur is no disqualifier to a large portion of the voters.

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