Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tropical Storm Patricia

The hurricane that slammed into Mexico on Friday night has arrived over Louisiana, dumping copious amounts of rain.  No wind to speak of, but rain by the bucket-full.

I've seen a lot of hurricanes and tropical storms come ashore and that's what it looks like.  You can even see the bands and the circulation.  It's supposed to hang around till tomorrow, then move off to the northeast.

The only tropical storm to make landfall in Louisiana this year, and it originated in the Pacific Ocean.  That's one for the record books.  Here at PawPaw's House, the gumbo is eaten, the dishes are washed and ut away, the kids are gone, and Milady and I are enjoying a cocktail.  I suspect that by this time tomorrow, the burn ban will have been lifted.

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Theother Ryan said...

Paw Paw, If tomorrow it rains like today I will get some wood and start building an Arc.