Monday, October 12, 2015

10 Commandments

Victor Davis Hanson, a noted political commentator, and classical history professor, pens a piece over at PJ Media.  His premise is simple, that most liberals are hypocrites,   They routinely engage in the same behavior that they decry in others, thinking that the rest of us can't see the disconnect.  The entire piece is worth reading, but I'd like to highlight just one.
3. Guns. Gun control is an iconic liberal issue, specifically limitations on handguns and concealed weapons. Too many guns in too many places supposedly encourage violent crime. Again, what better way to make a statement than by having all liberal celebrities, business people, and politicians take the following pledge: “I will pledge that no one in my security detail will ever carry a concealed firearm of any sort”? Surely the pope, of all people, did not need armed guards, with lethal concealed weapons, surrounding his pope-mobile?
When we hear the president decry guns, we know that there are armed Secret Service personnel just out of camera shot.  When we hear Harry Reid decry guns, we know that there are armed police officers on the podium with him.  When a celebrity decries guns, likely as not, there is an armed security detail nearby.

President Obama should immediately tell his security detail to disarm.  Otherwise, he's a hypocrite.  Likewise, all lesser politicians and celebrities should disarm their security details, there protective staff, and the buildings they inhabit for work.  Gun-free zones should be entirely gun-free.

Oh, and Mr. President, if we don't need military grade hardware, then tell the Air Force to stand down when you're flying on Air Force One.   If I don't need military grade hardware, you certainly don't need armed fighter jets following you around.

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