Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lucky Gunner Tests

I wasn't aware until recently, but Locky Gunner has been testing handgun ammo, specifically defensive handgun ammo.  I don't know how I missed it, but the page is here.  They started with .380, 9mm, .40SW and .45 ACP.  I'll be interested to see when they look at .38 Special and .357 mgnum.

They've got to start somewhere I suppose, and those are very popular calibers.  I enjoyed reading the methodology of the testing, so that they could compare apples and apples.  It's a very interesting read, and of course, the results are illuminating as well.

Kudos to Lucky Gunner for putting out good research.

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6ShotsOr5? said...

Yes very cool tests and using real-world barriers and realistic barrel lengths. Very practical. The new Browning 1911-380 is looking even better to me now that I can see there are some 380 rounds that have credible performance.