Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Little Persepective

It's interesting to go to the Way-Back Machine and listen to the arguments used in the '60s during the gun debates that we had at that time.  The civil rights era was in full-throated bloom and the commentator on this interview was complaining about the gun laws in the state of California.  All the straw-men are cited; the NRA, the hunters, the "crazy cannon-collectors" and he bemoans the lack of regulation available to deal with the threat of armed Black Panthers when they held a demonstration.  It's eerily reminiscent of the current debate.  He even talks about a terrorist making bombs and booby-traps.

The gun-banners have come up with nothing new since 1967.  The same tired arguments today as were floated almost 50 years ago.  We tried some of those regulations, they didn't work and we repealed some.  Still, the arguments never change.

I have a business meeting later this morning, then I'm going to the range.

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