Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Blood in the Water

After the President's speech last week the liberals think that they smell blood in the water over gun control.  It's the new cause du jour for the liberal/progressive machine.

Hillary Clinton vows executive action if she's elected.

Harry Reid thinks Republicans are puppets of the NRA.

The Brady Campaign is demanding that the sheriff in Oregon be fired for opposing gun control. (Note:  The Brady Bunch should go back to high school and re-take the civics class.  The Sheriff is elected.)

Numerous op-eds are calling for new gun laws.  I linked one, google it yourself.

Some are even calling for confiscation and mandatory buy-back programs.

While dancing in the blood, they act like they've got carte-blanc to make dramatic changes.  It's like they sense a reset button, or something.

The only problem with their line of thought is that the Founders also thought about a reset button, so they wrote it into the Constitution.  Everyone should be very careful about pressing it.  It'll be messy when it's pressed.


BobF said...

Regarding confiscation, we may see a run on 8-inch PVC pipe like we have seen on firearms and ammo if it keeps up.

North Texan said...

If it can m a to confiscation, I won't be hiding mine. I'll be using mine.

6ShotsOr5? said...

Why not do both?