Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dutch Ovens

With cooler temps and favorable weather, I admit that I'm jonesing to get out my Dutch Oven.  A Dutch Oven is a staple of outdoor cooking.  It's cast iron cookware, perfect for the campfire.  There are two types of Dutch Ovens.  The first type is designed for open fire cooking.  It has legs and the lid has a raised ring around the outside to hold coals, either charcoal briquettes or hardwood coals out of the bottom of the campfire.

The lid of this type Dutch Oven is smooth on the inside.  By simply flipping it over, it becomes a griddle, great for frying eggs or cooking pancakes.

The second type Dutch Oven is mainly for inside use, or for use on an outdoor burner.  I fry fish and other goodies in this type, and indeed, my outdoor Dutch Oven can fry as well.

But, with the cool emps, I'm thinking about the Dutch Oven pictured above.  With a tripod, it can be suspended over a fire for making hearty stews, beans, or other belly-filling meals.  Or, by placing coals under the stove and in the lid, it becomes a camp oven, for biscuits rolls,or breads.

It's been a long time since I hung a Dutch Oven, but I'm feeling the urge.

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