Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Boot Shot

There is something in the wax-bullet Fast Draw game called The Boot Shot.  Our holsters are fairly loose to facilitate a fast draw, almost a simple cylinder of leather, like the top of a boot.  (Holster makers, forgive me, we really like what y'all do.) When we get on the trigger a little quick, the bullet goes down the boot.  Competition shooters will understand the warning:  Keep yer booger hook off the bang switch!  A boot shot results in the loss of that individual match.  However, it doesn't carry forward.  You're still eligible to compete if you have't earned all your Xs.

We have bullet deflectors on our holster for exactly that reason.  Boot shots are exasperating, but they happen to everyone.  That's the reason we only use wax bullets or blank cartridges for fast draw.  A standard lead bullet would be devastating, requiring a trip to the emergency room.  Never practice fast draw with standard ammunition.

Still, the boot shot happens,  And,as the club is hosting a shoot in November.  We're feeding good, and we've got trophies for the winners.  The motto of our organization is Safety First, Fun Second, and Competition Third, so I thought I'd come up with something that would be fun.  So, I commissioned my son to make a small boot out of leather and hang it on a thong.

It's a smallish little artifact, measuring about three inches, It's a stylish representation of a cowboy boot, but it has a blemish on the toe.  Just about where a wax bullet would hit you if you put one down the boot.

I'll wear it the morning of the main match, and if someone shoots his boot, I'll award it to him or her with appropriate ceremony, by hanging around their neck.

The rules are simple.  If you shoot your boot, you get the award.  If someone else shoots their boot, you get to pass it on.  My lady tells me that she'll think on it and come up with an appropriate award for the shooter who is wearing the boot at the end of the main match.Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

  For those interested, the Thorn Valley Shootist Society is hosting a No-X fast draw shoot on November 14-15th, 2015.  Everyone is invited.  The more the merrier.

The entry fee is only $10.00, with awards for First, Second, and Third Place for Men's Women's and Youth divisions.  Plus, we're feeding that weekend.  Good food, good shooting and good fellowship.  It's a heck of a deal.

And, if you're the last guy with the Shot Boot award, you'll get a special prize.