Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Morning

Temps in the low 50s this morning, under absolutely brilliant sunshine.  It made the third cup of coffee particularly enjoyable. Of course, cool mornings made my thoughts turn to biscuits, so I got out the big bowl and stirred up another batch of cats-head biscuits.  I was a little short on flour this morning, so I only got 10 biscuits out of the batch.  It'll be okay though.

The dog and I went looking for the paper.  The cool air has put a spring back in his step and he was moving lively this morning, casting the breeze for scents.

It's a good day to be a dog, and a PawPaw.  Milady is cooking up a big pot of chili for lunch, and we expect that the brood will be over here in a couple of hours.

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Termite said...

Do the biscuits outside in your dutch oven?