Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rain, Blessed Rain

Be careful what you pray for, because you might get it.

We've been praying for rain.  Our last significant rainfall event was in July, with August, September, and so far October, far below averages.  It looks like we're on track to get a little rain this weekend, with the mosture from Hurricane Patricia coming across Mexico and the normal southerly flow from the Gulf of Mexico bringing moisture in.  We're on track for an event.  Here's a graphic from Accuweather.

I've never seen a graphic that inclues the phrase "drought erased", but there it is.  A quick look at the radar map shows us what we'll be dealing with today.

It looks like southeast Texas and all of Louisiana is in for a rainfall event this weekend.  I know that I'm high and dry, but folks in low-lying areas should be aware of what's coming.  My cousin is holding an outdoor event in southeast Texas this morning.  I hope he's looked at the weather map.

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