Friday, October 30, 2015

Herrett Stocks

A post by my boy, and I'm reminded of some of the old gunstock makers from my youth.  EC Bishop, Reinhart Fajen, Herrett stocks.

When Dad needed a gunstock for his shotgun, he ordered a blank from Fajen.  Lots of hours spent with a rasp, sandpaper and little files, getting the stock like he wanted it. Time was of no matter, as long as the stock was ready for the opening day, and he started the project in June, well before the season began.  What mattered was the finished project, the pride of workmanship and the proper fitting of wood to metal, and the gun to his eye.

A couple of years ago, I picked up a revolver and it had an old set of Herrett grips. Nicely done, checkered, really nice stocks from a bygone age, and I admired them, but they simply didn't fit my hand, so they went into the spares locker for a future project.  On Thursday my son was over and asked about them, for the Model 36 I gifted him.  We dug them out.

He thought he'd try them for a while and see how he liked them, revolver grips being very personal items.  What doesn't work for me might work for him.  So, he installed the grips and I told him about Bishop, and Fajen, and Herrett, old names in stock-making that had long gone the way of other names from my youth.

Googling around this morning, I am surprised to learn that Herrett is still in business, still making stocks in Idaho.  I had consigned him to the fond memories of youth, and he's still whittling stocks for handguns.  So, I stand corrected.  Lots of pretty stocks.

I may have to order a set for my Mark II.  A set of nice, checkered rosewood grips would look good in that little pstol.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, they are still around! Picked up a new set of Herrett's at the NRA a couple of years ago, and they STILL do all the original patterns!!!