Thursday, October 01, 2015

Fastest Gun Alive

This weekend in Fallon, NV, the Cowboy Fast Draw Association is hosting its World Championship, The Fastest Gun Alive.  All the big names will be there, but PawPaw is stuck at home.  Duty forbids my attendance, and the club has a shoot planned in November.

However, I  know several gals and guys who are there and from all indications, it's a heck of a party.  Maybe next year.

It looks like it will be quite a colorful event.  With crafts, vendors, and even a classic car show.  This thing gets bigger every year, and more colorful.  And, of course, shooting.  Lots of shooting..

But, Milady likes the dresses, and intends to start "upping" the wardrobe.  My question is how do these gals shoot with a holster that's not tied down?  More research is certainly in order.

It looks like quite the show.  Maybe next year we'll get to see it.  If this thing gets much bigger, it might become the Sturgis of Fast Draw.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Looking in both pictures of the ladies in this post, it appears they wear leggings under the skirts, and instead of "pinning up" the skirts, (as was the fashion amongst "saloon girls" of the time) they seem to tie them up between the holster and their leg with the tie-down. The leggings keep things properly modest.

GroundChuk said...

Video or it didn't happen!