Thursday, October 29, 2015

Heritage Arms .22LR

If you're like me, playing with a .22 is just a lot of fun, and I've had several in that caliber over the years, whether rifle or handgun.  The .22 LR is probably the most sought-out, purchased, and fired caliber in the US.  No one's battery is complete without a .22, and I own several.

But, I didn't have a single-action revolver.  Until yesterday.  My son brought me a combined birthday /Christmas present, a new-in-the-box Heritage Arms .22 Long Rifle, single-action revolver.

It's a dandy little revolver, much smaller than my .45 revolvers, suitably scaled for the cartridge.  It has one interesting feature that I've never seen on a single action revolver, a thumb safety.

There's a little lever on the left recoil shield that actuates a hammer block.  Up for safe, down for fire.  With the safety on, it's almost not noticeable, but when you thumb the lever down, the little red dot tells you that the handgun is ready to fire.

Otherwise, it uperates like a Colt-pattern revolver, with four clicks and the gun must be in half-cock to rotate the cylinder.  It is totally familiar to anyone who uses a Colt-pattern revolver.  As for myself, I'll probably continue to use the old Load one, Skip one, Load four routine and not worry about the safety, but it's okay that it is there.

It's a pleasing addition to the battery, and I'm sure that one day net week, I'll get by the range to try it out.

Thanks, son.  I'm sure it will be used.

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Old NFO said...

I'll be interested to see how it works for you.