Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday Family Shoot

Y'all know my affection for Cowboy Fast Draw in general, and firearm sports of all kinds.  We're able to shoot wax bullets in the back yard, and if the grandkids want to shoot in after lunch on Sunday, we conduct what I call the Sunday Family Shoot.

There are no rules, per se, except common gun-handling rules, and we have a fun, practice shoot.

Here's a clip of the action yesterday afternoon.  Grandson Ethan is shooting on the line with his grandmother, and they're both doing just fine.

There's othing like shooting with grandkids in the back yard, and I'm sure that the gandkids will remember in years after I'm gone that Grandma strapped on a holster and hot with then when they were little boys.

It's one way to make memories.

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