Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Invest 92L

It loos lie we'll have a storm brewing soon in the Gulf o Mexico.  NOAAA is now giving it an 80% chance of turning into something bad.

The spaghetti models are all over the place, but they admit that it's early yet.  They're not sure where it is going.  Or what it might become, but all the weather-weenies on the Gulf coast are keeping an eye on this thing.

The next couple of days will tell the tale, but right ow it looks like it might go up the Sabine river, which never bodes well for central Louisiana.  On the other hand, it may turn in to a big nothing-burger, which is okay with me.  Still we need to keep a weather eye on this thing.

All of the weather folks will be watching this thing, and we'll learn more as the situation firms up.  KHOU, (Houston) is keeping an eye on it, as are all the weather media along the Gulf.

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Old NFO said...

'Tis the season... sigh...