Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Things We Talk About

Belle's a nurse, and while shes strict on patient privilege, she's also apt to talk  shop with me on the back porch.
"The patient is on dilaudid, sublingually, in a hospice environment.  Which means we have to be really strict on medication documentation."

What do I hear?  'Yada, yada, strong medicine, someone has to be on their game."

Cops and nurses make good partners, because out jobs are remarkably similar.  We both deal with serious issues on a daily basis, working with people who may or may not understand what is happening to them.   Nurses and cops also tend to have the same perverse sense of humor..

Belle is leaving in the morning, going to Missouri to be with a family member who is having surgery net week.  This will probably be one of the longest separations we've had sine we were married.  It's okay, and I'm perfectly capable of cooking for myself.  But, I am going to miss her.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Nurses and cops are also results oriented.

You might follow "the official process" to the letter but a dead person is still a dead person.

Cops, firefighters and nurses also have to make fast decisions with potentially dire outcomes. And then they face Monday morning quarterbacks who were peacefully sleeping in at home in their beds when the world came unglued.

Cops, firefighters and nurses are three shift jobs and can make mincemeat out of relationships.

Yeah, cops and nurses DO have a lot in common.

Old NFO said...

Safe travels to her!