Monday, July 08, 2019

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, in my opinion, is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, and I lump all manner of refrigeration in that category.  From the fridge in the kitchen, to the big walk-in units at the warehouses, to the central air unit in my attic, to the window units in small homes everywhere.  Air conditioning and refrigeration makes life comfortable, safe, and healthy.

I grew up i a house with out AC.  It wasn't real common in the middle of the 20th century, but I've since become accustomed to it.

Memaw is Belle's mother.  She's seen a lot in her lifetime.  This month she will be 98 years old.  She still keeps her own house and her independence.  We are celebrating her birthday on July 20th, and the party is in my shop, which is also air conditioned.  However, I've noticed that we are having a hot June and July, even for these latitudes.  We had a heat advisory today, which would send many of my more northern readers into apoplexy.  We're flirting with triple digits and 80% humidity.  I've noticed that in my shop, the to AC units are struggling in the midday swelter.  They chug gamely along, but they are not quite able to keep up.  This will not do for Memaw's party.

Today I bought a third 18,000 BTU AC unit and contacted the fellow who built the shop.  He'll be along one day this week to frame up another hole in the wall for that unit.  We will be comfortable out there, and after the party, if I don't need that particular AC unit, I don't have to turn it on.

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Howard Brewi said...

We have had about two weeks of highs 85 to 90+ in much of south central Alaska. Almost no one has airconditioning and the sun is up at 05:00 and setting about 10:00 so its well past midnight before it cools off. Jist saying!