Thursday, July 04, 2019


In the middle of this Sheriff's race, there is an ongoing corruption investigation within the Sheriff's office.  While on the surface it seems to be a corruption investigation, it goes deeper than that.  The investigation highlights failures in leadership, from the basic low-level supervisors, to upper management.  So far, three low-level deputies have been arrested, and two others fired.

Over my career, I've been involved in a couple of corruption investigations.  One, in the early 80s, led to the arrest and conviction of a sitting Sheriff.  He did a stretch of hard-time for that debacle.

This investigation is getting interesting.  It may be that one of the major players is also a candidate in this race, and is the guy that the sitting Sheriff has endorsed to take his place.

Yeah, it is starting to get interesting.


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DaveS said...

Something stinks in the Sheriff's office in Rapides Parish. That was a pretty flabbergasting piece of video. Somebody needs to teach Sheriff Hilton about the meaning of "The Buck Stops Here". What a piss poor example of leadership.
Good luck in the election - and there's a big cleanup and rebuilding job ahead!