Friday, May 20, 2016

Plugged Barrel.

Old Grafton posts a picture of a plugged barrel, from what he reports is a Colt Officers Model in .38 Special.  We'll let Old Grafton explain:
I had the job of changing out this barrel on an Officer's Model Colt .38 a few years ago; kinda interesting. After I slabbed off the side out of curiosity, the next morning there were raised bumps on the exposed lead cores from compressed air trapped in the hollowpoints! I never did find out who did it; the revolver was purchased at auction by a friend. My only charge to him was that I got to keep the barrel.

Just Damn!  If you don't see holes in the target, maybe you should stop firing to figure it out.  I've stuck a couple of bullets in barrels over the years, but I've never stacked them like that.

Tip of the hat to The Guncounter Forum.

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Steve Sky said...

How did he manage to do that without it blowing up?