Monday, May 23, 2016

Texas Hold'em

Our version of Texas Hold'em, a shooting game played with wax bullets at 15 feet.  The shooter sits at a card table, his gun in front of him and  a hand of cards in his hand.  When the light comes on, he drops the cards and smokes the two targets in front of him.  Scoring is based on time.  If you hit both targets, your time for the round is the slower time.  If you miss a target, a .5 second penalty is assessed and added to your time on the target you hit.  If you miss both targets, the penalty is 3.0 seconds.

IT's a lot of fun, and a way to break up a match.  Something different.  (sorry about the camera angle, I was running the targets.)

It's a fun game.We'll be shooting it with the NTSG group in June.

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Old NFO said...

That is a 'tad' different... :-)