Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trailer Update

I took the trailer over to my son's welding shop yesterday.  We found some pipe we could recycle from an old swing set, and cut the tubing into one-foot lengths to make stake pockets.  He welded them to the side of the trailer.

Plenty big enough for 1" PVC pipe, and I may be able to go larger.

So, I brought it home and located a joint of 1/4 PVC to give me a visual idea.  It looks like the concept is going to work, but I've got to fine-tune the length of the bow.

This looks like it's going to work fine.  Some fine-tuning, some more head-scratching, and we'll move forward.


Joe Mama said...

Feedlot panels also make fine hoops. They are much used for temporary greenhouses in these parts.

Bob said...

Just looking at pics of Conestoga Wagons, I think you need to raise the side panels by a couple of feet at least, possibly as much as 3', with a much smaller canvas roof profile.

Old NFO said...

I'd agree with Bob, and the next question is what will you do on the front of the 'wagon' to prevent the wind from ripping the cover off?